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Designers & makers

The designers and builders, artists and artisans that Orior trusts to create its furniture since 1979 are the backbone of our company.

Orior’s creative process thrives on a dynamic interaction between artists and artisans. We balance our Irish heritage of superb craftsmanship with a contemporary spirit. Orior approaches furniture making with precision, skill and a personable touch.

1. Family business

A family business is about true commitment and hard work, trust, loyalty, generosity, and the synergy between generations.

As a family-and-friends company from the very beginning, Orior is built on firm foundations. Brian and Rosie McGuigan set up Orior after moving to Denmark in the 1970’s. When the young couple returned to Ireland, they founded Orior in 1979.

The inspirational tradition of Scandinavian design and the long-standing Irish tradition of skilled craft proved instrumental in helping Brian and Rosie to envision the type of furniture company they strove to create. Today, their son Ciaran heads up Orior as Creative Director. Driven by a spirit of collaboration, he continues to push and develop the brand internationally.

2. Irish heritage

Irish stamina gives our products grit and character.

Our Newry workshop in Ireland is where our designers and makers interact and where ideas are explored. Here, Orior imbues traditional tools and methods with new passion and potential.

This dynamic process results in covetable pieces of furniture that reflect a wealth of influences. By merging both designing and making we are uniquely positioned to create outstanding pieces. Pieces with true personality and certified provenance.

3. Foster relationships

We are convivial by heart and invest in genuine, long lasting relations.

We believe in long-lasting relationships with our production partners as well as our customers. The furniture builders that Orior has worked with since the beginning are the backbone of our company: our time-honed process thrives thanks to loyalty, trust and hard work.

When it comes to materials, Orior selects its partners carefully, and works only with the best purveyors. Upholstery fabrics are sourced from Loro Piana, Pierre Frey, Maharam, Schumacher and Kvadrat. The thick bull-hide leather we’re known for is provided by a French tannery. We use Irish Connemara marble, and all of our wood is solid Irish ash, beech, or European oak and walnut.

4. One-to-one craftwork

Unique pieces, handmade with traditional methods, patience, skills and care. Always quality-certified.

Orior’s approach to furniture making is highly skilled, precise and personable: in our Newry workshop, we craft one piece at a time for one client, with beauty and quality in mind. When choosing an Orior piece, you can tailor its upholstery, material and size options to match your taste, and we will create your personalized design. Orior’s designers and artisans take the time to turn ideas into furniture.

5. Designers and Makers

Interactions between design and craft lifts our products to the next level.

In the design world, a piece is often either design forward but its function falls short, or it’s functional but the design is sterile. Orior always tries to balance a sensibility of form with a sense of function. Timeless design and longlasting comfort are at the heart of everything we do. Beautifully designed furniture is only beautiful if it functions.

We are designers and builders, thinkers and makers, artists and artisans. Turning ideas into furniture. Orior artisans have a decisive eye when it comes to design, and work in close collaboration with our designers.

5. Form and function

Timeless designs with new accents, made in a traditional way for contemporary living. Comfort for life.

Orior’s keen eye for materials lies at the foundation of our long-standing furniture tradition – we believe in products that are functional and durable. Timeless design and long-lasting comfort are at the heart of everything we do.

Our designers and makers use fabrics and finishes imaginatively, experiment with new colours, re-imagine elegant shapes and update upholstery accents, effectively balancing the traditional and the contemporary in furniture of exceptional quality. Beautifully designed furniture is only beautiful if it functions.

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